Choose from NuFletch Fusion and Fusion Zeon Edge-Glow vanes.

Available in 36pk and 100pk.

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Vanes-Fusion Vanes-Zeon Fusion
Vanes-FusionVanes-Zeon Fusion

 Vanes made specifically for APE Arrow Tail products.

1.7" Fusion Zeon Edge-Glow Vanes made specifically for the APE Arrow Tail products by Quadel Industries, formally know as Norway Industries. Available in packages of 36 or 100 count. Colors to choose from are orange, red, yellow and green.



Cross Bolt Vanes for APE X Bolt
Cross Bolt Vanes for APE X Bolt

Replacement Cross Bolt Vanes designed exclusively for APE XBolts.  Available in 36 or 100 count qty. RED and WHITE Only